i believe


i believe

16 things that make me happy ~

tagged by this sweetie, kickingoffwithayang!

1. meeting new people
2. my family (esp mama, daddy, twin, and bubb)
3. my tumblr babies
4. my anime queens
5. kuroshitsuji
6. my ships
7. animu + mango
8. my confidence in myself
9. hugs
10. my friends
11. quiet time to myself
12. roleplaying w catbaguette ~
13. the fray
14.  swimming/ tennis/ softball
16. writing

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by my partner in crime, thenarusasuthings!

{ you can tell a lot about the person from the music they listen to. put your music device on shuffle and write the first 10 songs that play without skipping. tag 10 people afterwards }

1. harukaze - scandal
2. taiji oku sango - inuyasha ost
3. hollowed - bleach ost
4. love more - chris brown, nicki minaj
5. hotline - ciara
6. already gone - crossfade
7. run for your life - the fray
8. crush - 2ne1
9. what goes around comes back around - justin timberlake
10. love & drugs - the maine

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by this love, rizeskagune ~

name ; tiana 
nickname ; tee, tee bear, and lil shit
birthday ; aug 17 ye
gender ; fem
sexuality ; rukia kuchiki straight
height ; 5’2”
time zone ; est
what time and date is it there ; 2:55p + 8/30/14
avg. hours of sleep ; 7-9
last thing i googled ; something about kuro
most used phrase(s) ; “my intuition is top-notch”
first word that comes to mind ; butt
what i last said to a family member ; shhh
one place that makes me happy and why ; the beach bc TTHE BEACH
how many blankets i sleep under ; 72
favorite beverage(s) ; unsweetened coffe, sprite, and smoothies
last movie i watched ; tyler perry’s good deeds
three things i can’t live w/o ; fam, yaoi, and ichiruki
a piece of advice to all my followers ; once you know yourself and who you are, no insult will hurt you!
you all have to listen to this song ; bang bang, by jessie j/ ariana grande/ nicki minaj


by this precious bb, dontfightthefires ~

rule 1. always post the rules
rule 2. answer the questions the person gave you, and write 11 new questions for the people you tag
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1. why did you choose your current url?
-haaaaa cause it has my name in it
2. would you rather be burned or frozen to death?
…what no i dont wanna think about death
3. what’s your sexuality?
-rukia kuchiki (no but im straight)
4. who is your favorite character?
-rukia kuchiki till the day i die
5. favorite author/ book/ series?
-author, nora roberts/ j.d. robb ;; book, lovers & players, by jackie collins ;; series, the bride quartet
6. would you rather fight a dragon, griffin, or nine-tailed fox?
-ah, a dragon
7. is there an anime/ manga/ book/ film character that you’d compare yourself to?
-not really ~
8. what was the last thing that made you laugh?
-um, it think it was this post i saw and it was someone holding a mini mini mini mountain dew bottle and someone said “keep those yaoi hands away from my kids” or something like that 
9. what’s your favorite quality to see in other people?
10. if you could go on holiday anywhere in the world for free, where would you go?

5 facts about yourself ~

tagged by my partner in crime ; thenarusasuthings ~

1. i’m v social. no matter where i am, i’ll talk to everyone
2. i actually enjoy going out
3. i love being around kids. they’re so precious and i spoil them
4. the reason green is my favorite color is because buttercup on the cartoon, ppg, is green and she was my fave ppg
5. i love myself a lot

thank you v much for sending this to me babe <3

asylaum replied to your post: asylaum replied to your post: how does…

Wow. I’m surprised he didn’t eat it on the way. I’d need a snack after three hours of driving lmao.

yeah man, i woulda been stalling and wait for them to cancel the order and SMAAAAASH


by thenarusasuthings + tower-over-me ~

1. your name ; tiana
2. your url ; teetee-ali-xo
3. your blog title ; ✿ optimist-san ✿
4. favorite color ; green, pink, and yellow
5. crush or significant other ; angelina jolie, rukia kuchiki, and grell sutcliff
6. write something in all caps ; STAY POSITIVE! YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT!
7. favorite band ; the frayyyyyyyyy ~
8. lucky number ; 2
9. favorite drink ; unsweetened coffee, sprite, and smoothies
10. tag your friends ; lilbeesenpai, akatsukireunites, asylaum, stereoheartrukia!